Member Profile: Mariann

Photo by: Jake Little

Photo by: Jake Little

We have some seriously cool members here at Homestead. Every week, we like to take the time to appreciate one of our awesome members:

Q: What is your name, company and position?

A: Hey everyone! I’m Mariann Roberts, the Marketing and Communications Manager at RedBrick Real Estate. 


Q: What does your company do?

A: RedBrick is a visionary real estate development company located in Edmonton. We focus on creating unique, quality spaces that enhance people’s quality of life. We offer services in the areas of development management, project and construction management and property management. Long story short, we’re busy building awesome places. 


Q: What’s your favourite thing about Homestead?

A: I really love the vibe within the community at Homestead. There’s such a great energy within the space that makes the work day a lot more enjoyable. If I need to plug in away on a work project, I know I can pop in my headphones and be left uninterrupted. If I’m looking for some inspiration, a moment to clear my head or to just get to know some other like-minded people, all I have to do is pour a cup of coffee in the communal kitchen and the conversations start flying! It’s a really great feeling.


Q: What’s one thing everyone should know about coworking?

A: You don’t have to be an extrovert to fit in at a coworking space, and I think that’s a big misconception that prevents a lot of people from trying it out. Homestead is made up of great people with all different personality types, that’s what makes it such a unique and vibrant place. Even if you’re more on the reserved side, I encourage you to explore coworking. I think it’s a great experience for all types of people.  


Q: Tell us a fun, non-work-related fact about you!

A: I’m a blogger! I’ve been writing for fun since I was about five or six, and now I do it professionally as a side gig. One of my most exciting freelance jobs is I currently write for an electronic music fashion/culture publication (FYI, I love electronic music). I get to attend various music festivals and explore the fashion, artists, culture and community behind it all, then share my thoughts. I love it!