Work Life. On your terms. 

What is coworking? Coworking is opportunity to rent a desk space or office full time, part time, or when it suits you best in a space conducive to getting focused on your next big project and staying creative. Our members do their best work while making connections with like-minded entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners, and even collaborating on future projects.

For most of us, work and life are tightly woven. A coworking space takes that to the next level.

Who is coworking for? Coworking is for anyone seeking a dedicated work space away from home, coffee shops and regular company office. Homestead members rent a desk or private office in a modern, renovated space with big windows and big opportunity. Our members enjoy a dedicated and productive work environment in which they can focus in and buckle down, all while being surrounded by a friendly network of like-minded individuals.

From construction companies and architects, to marketing agencies and non-profits, Homestead is home to a wide assortment of companies. The common denominator? The desire to succeed! So, no matter what field of work you find yourself in, we know Homestead with be the perfect place for you to call home.

Oh stop! You’re making us blush…

“Have only been a member for a month but already feel at home and like part of the community. Homestead has been very accommodating to our needs and has gone above and beyond to ensure we are all set up and comfortable in the space.”

-Erika Barootes, Homestead member

“Homestead has been my home away from home. I run around all-day so being able to settle-in the middle of Edmonton is huge plus. Great location, an even better community, and all the best food is within walking distance!

I'd like to note that the staff at Homestead are MORE than accommodating. They're all incredibly friendly, ensure cleanliness within the space, and always prioritize a helping hand.”

-Kyle Angeles, Homestead Member