Need a dedicated space all to yourself? Look no further!

Whether you are a one-person team or a team of twelve, our dedicated spaces (and the perks that come with them!) are sure to impress!



The Perks

All Homestead members enjoy access to a list of ever-growing perks which include: 

A Kick-Ass Community of Doers
Business Mentorship
Lightening Speed Internet
Unlimited Coffee and Tea
A Communal Kitchen/Lunchroom
Comfy Common Spaces
Pet-Friendly Atmosphere
Daily Cleaning
Secure Access
Educational Events
Professional Boardrooms
Professional Meeting Rooms
Private Phone Booths
Locker Storage
Bike Racks
Print Station 
Projector Access
Heritage Building
And Much More!

PLUS you will get your very own Homestead Membership Card which gives you wicked discounts at local restaurants, pubs, gyms and more?! Click here to see a full list of all the participating partners!


The Options

To accommodate all types of entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups and business owners, we offer dedicated desks and a wide range of private offices so you can set up shop in a space that is all your own!


Dedicated Desk


Need a break from the home office? With our dedicated desks, you have a spot to call your own. Yes! That means bring a photo of Mr. Muggles, your corgi (we are pet friendly, by the way), or appease your green thumb with a potted plant. The desk is yours, make yourself at home! 


  • A super comfy desk + chair

  • 24/7 access to the building

  • 5 booking hours per month to boardroom & meeting rooms

  • PLUS all the perks of our Homestead Membership

1-Year Commitment Billed at $375/month (Best Value)
Month-to-Month Billed at $400/month



Private Office

Starting at $750/month


Need an office to call your own but want to avoid the commitment of a five year lease? We’ve got you covered! A fully-furnished, lockable private office at Homestead provides you with a reliable work space and includes all the incredible amenities our coworking space has to offer! Plus, we can fit just about any size of team with our smallest office comfortably seating two while our largest accommodates twelve members. 


  • 24/7 access to the building

  • Unlimited booking hours to boardroom & meeting rooms

  • Our FREE business mailbox service

  • PLUS all the perks of our Homestead Membership

Starting at $750/month